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Keep Your Sales Moving Upwards

The principle operation of a Swing Check Valve is easy to understand, but the variations, materials, applications, building code, and general best practices can make things a little more complicated. In this Accelerator module, we teach you everything you need to know about this product and where to find more opportunities you might be missing out on today.

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What's included in this module?

Includes: video training with Chris Windsor, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing

Product & Sales Training

What do you need to know about selling Swing Check Valves? Boshart’s Sr VP of Sales & Marketing Chris Windsor leads you through the most important nuances of the product, general information, and how to identify upsell events. 

Also included in this module is go-to responses when a contractor challenges the assertions your sales team make in the selling process.

The training video and subsequent multiple-choice quiz are filled to the brim with meaningful information with none of the bloat. You’ll be well-versed by the time you’re finished the course. 


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