We make your job selling
plumbing accessories easier

For Wholesaler Water Movement Industries Professionals

Plumbing • Water Well • Irrigation • Sump & Sewage • Pool & Spa • HVAC • Waterworks

Boshart Accelerator is a Water Movement Wholesale Business Growth program for Boshart Industries customers that want to streamline their business and move product faster.

In every course, we'll help you:

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Identify Key Product Features

Learn exactly what you need to know about the part in order to sell it effectively

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Answer Customer Objections

We’ll arm you with great answers to challenge your customer’s trickiest questions

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Find Upsell Opportunities

Stop leaving money on the table and recognize where you could have larger sales

Are you a contractor?

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How does it work?

Create an account to have the ability to take all available module. Once you have registered we will send you a Swag Bag!

Media Kits are always accessible and available and are under the Resource tab. All components can be easily downloaded right to your computer for use for personal or company use across social media platforms and in-store. 

That’s it! You now have our insider Boshart Industries exclusive knowledge on sales & plumbing / waterwell products in order to sell more. 

Every month, the Accelerator team launches an all new module which gives you the ability to continue your education long after the initial enrolment.